[SFBayCannabisCommunity] Pelosi challenger John Dennis not allowed to speak at ASA protest


  Okay, I'll grant you that Pelosi herself hasn't been a drug war crusader, and she even casts good votes and gives lip service to reform from time to time, albeit in a milktoast sort of way, but she has certainly failed to use her power effectively to advance drug reform. What did she do when she was House Speaker to seriously challenge this federal oppression? Considering that her district is essentially the birthplace of the medical marijuana movement, and people here are overwhelmingly supportive compared to almost everywhere else, she's done damn little.

  Is this the real reason you don't want John Dennis to speak at ASA events, because you support Nancy Pelosi? Or will you invite him to speak at such events in the future? I'm sure he'd be happy to speak to the local ASA chapter as well, if you invite him to do so. I hope you don't have an anti-libertarian bias, because people with libertarian views make up a large part of the drug reform movement.

  While I wasn't there myself, I have a hard time imagining John being rude or trying to grab the mic. I know him, and he's an easy-going, soft-spoken guy. Hell, he's a lot more polite and diplomatic than I am! If he or others at the protest were persistent in trying to get your attention, I don't blame them at all, because my experience is that if you would like to speak in a situation like that and are not persistent, you typically get ignored.

  As for not having campaign materials, would you rather he *had* passed out campaign materials to attendees? Did it occur to you that maybe he was being respectful and not wanting to appear to be hijacking the protest just to promote his own candidacy?

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Thank you for submitting this letter; you said what needed to be said and said it with your usual great style.

I'll share a story that was told to me by Dr. Graham, a political science professor and lawyer at San Francisco State University. Graham said that he conducted a study that showed that a person's voting patterns are influence by the field of candidates, the voter's political affiliation and the voter's sense of personal identity. Graham said that a voter will often talk trash about his/her party's candidate and swear that he/she will never vote for such an awful candidate. However, once the disgruntled voter enters the voting booth and the curtain is drawn, personal identity, of which political affiliation is a large part of how a voting adult defines him/herself, takes over and though the cast ballot only indicates which candidate the voter voted for, in the voter's mind he/she actually voted for the political party he/she is affiliated, not the candidate. Graham went on to say this is often true even if the voter thinks the other party's candidate is the better choice!

My point is this: Steph, the person you addressed in your letter, probably identifies as a progressive democrat. Though Steph might not be thrilled with Pelosi's or Obama's aggressive pro-drug war actions, Steph will support these pro-medical marijuana liars over John Dennis, a libertarian-republican, because of self identity and party affiliation.

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Thanks, Don! ASA's Steph Sherer may well identify as a progressive Democrat, I don't know, but if she is serious as their executive director about trying to build a coalition to support medical cannabis, she should be grateful for the support of people like John, and if she is not, then the cannabis movement is ill-served by having her in that position.

Love & Liberty,
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