[SFBayCannabisCommunity] 30,000 marijuana plants seized in Humboldt County (business as usual in the drug war under Obama)

Note the justification offered by paid government goon Wayne Hansen, playing to peoples' fears and valuing safety over freedom: "The reason CAMP exists is to make sure it's safe." Of course he's lying -- safety is not CAMP's priority. Under what logic can flying helicopters at low altitudes and chasing people through steep terrain while carrying firearms be called "safe" compared with sitting in your living room enjoying a hit of marijuana? CAMP exists to further the intolerance and financial self-interest of those behind the "War on (some) Drugs." It's an outrage that this immoral program of aggression which is opposed by a substantial percentage of Californians and possibly an outright majority, continues to be funded at taxpayer expense by the California state government while it is facing a $15 billion deficit and threatening to close state parks and otherwise reduce services to the public. Thanks for posting, Richard.

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