SF Tea Party Update

Upcoming Event!!! Healthcare Protest!!!

Congress will be home for their recess in August so it's time for us to
party again! Only this time it is for our health and our very liberty.

Your attendance is critical! Please try to make it.

WHEN: Friday, August 14th

TIME: At this point, around 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. Show up and leave when you

WHERE: We'll meet at the corner of McAllister and Polk in Civic Center Park
in San Francisco (we WILL NOT protest there) and walk up to Pelosi's office
at 450 Golden Gate Avenue.

HOW: We won't protest at the plaza in front of 450 Golden Gate because that
requires a permit but we will stand along the sidewalks with our signs and
SHIRTS and surround the building, so to speak. The more we have to extend
all around that block, the better. Our chain of red T-shirts can't be

WHY: We've faxed, emailed, mailed and called. Now it's time to confront
them with our signs and bodies. It is imperative you show up for this
event.this is even more important than the April 15th event, so if there is
any way you can get into the city, by rail or carpool, or take the time from
work, this is the time to do it. This protest is emblematic of everything
we are fighting for. It affects each and every one of us.

WHAT TO BRING: Your signs and a red T-shirt. Signs should stick to the
health care theme.

You can wear your own red T -shirt but it would be awesome if you wore our
Bay Area Patriots T-shirt. You can view it on www.bayareapatriots.com.

We will sell the T-shirts at the event but we sold out at the July 4th
parade.so, if you would like to pre-order, send me an email with your name
and size and I'll set it aside so you are guaranteed a shirt for the 14th
when you can pay me.

While I am upgrading the quality of the T's to Hanes Beefy T's, the price
will remain at $15 and $20 for XXL.

WHAT TO DO: (1) RSVP to me at sallyzel@... ONLY IF you WILL

    (2) Call Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein and your local congressperson and
inquire about meetings with their constituents during the summer
recess. So far, to the best of my knowledge, none have been scheduled yet,
but let's keep the pressure on.

PARKING and TRANSPORTATION: Parking w/ reasonable rates is available under
the Civic Center Park and there is a BART station as well.