SF Schools

I have been struck by the facts quoted by Mayor Newsom regarding the number
of students in SF, and the $ 12,000/year per pupil in direct costs.

One fact that is consistently overlooked regarding our schools is that they
occupy facilities for which they do not pay rent, nor is rent imputed. However,
there is clearly an opportunity cost associated with letting them occupy
publicly-owned facilities. This factor alone would probably contribute an extra
20-30% to the cost per pupil.

Therefore the actual cost could accurately be stated as $ 15-16K per student
per year. This sum would buy an excellent preparatory education at a private
school. Clearly, our young people are not being afforded the education that we
are paying for.

Actually, that is true for many other government functions as well.

What is the plan to ensure that SF's citizens get a dollar's worth of
government for every dollar we pay in fees and taxes?

Sarosh Kumana
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Well, since government will never give taxpayers their money's worth,
the only possible answer is to reduce the number of dollars paid in
taxes and fees. As that number approaches zero, the value per dollar
should approach 100%, right? Because, on the current path where we
tax and spend more and more each year, the value per dollar paid is
certainly headed toward zero.