SF Libertarian Persuasion Seminar

SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER: Sign up for any seminar before midnight August 5, and get $100 off at-the-door price: you pay only $150 Sign up by midnight August 5, and get the special discounted rate of only $150!

      Please note: our secure server was down for several days, so we have extended the deadline for our special discount offer to midnight August 5

      Michael Cloud and Harry Browne teach

      "The Art of Libertarian Persuasion" Seminar

      Presented by

      The Advocates for Self-Government

      SPECIAL Opportunity for YOU!

      Are you a Libertarian?

      Do you want to be a lot better at communicating libertarianism? Have you ever dreamed of being a powerful and persuasive libertarian communicator?

      Michael Cloud & Harry Browne will show you how.

      Harry Browne & Michael Cloud are offering you the keys to the vault of their libertarian persuasion knowledge, methods, and secrets.

      See Why This Libertarian Event
      Could Change Your Life Forever.

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