SF General Hospital rebuild poses eminent domain threat/October 7 review

From the Independent, 9/16/03 (p. 11A):

"Residents of 11 homes near San Francisco General Hospital are furious that city health officials never notified them that one of the two proposed plans to rebuild the hospital would involve demolishing their homes.

"'They're trying to pull the rug out from under us,' said Margaret Singer, who lives in one of the homes on San Bruno Avenue.

"Singer, who grew up in the house, said that she had no desire to move. Her 93-year-old mother, Mary Manning, moved into the house in 1935 after marrying her childhood sweetheart, and she still lives there.

"The 11 homes are located along San Bruno Avenue between 21st and 22nd streets and along 22nd Street between San Bruno Avenue and Vermont Street..."

  There's two names of people who might be receptive to LPSF inquiry packets accompanied by notes condemning this type of government action. Similar packets could be mailed to the other addresses in those blocks, or dropped off in person.

  According to the article by Jean Choung <jchoung@...>, the Health Commission will review the two proposals on October 7 and make a final decision on October 21.

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