SF Examiner Slams Ed Jew With 3 articles and A Columnist

Dear Everyone;

Todays Examiner has 3 articles and 1 columnist dumping on Ed Jew and it doesn't look to good for Ed. Worst thing is he just flew off to China on a pre-planned trip. Wrong thing to do do at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. He should have cancelled the trip and fought back - hard.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Garcia: The mystery of Ed Jew



Immigrants’ eviction part of Jew's track record



Pot club among Jew’s holdings



Ed Jew flies to China amid controversy




  Thanks for the links. I don't see these pieces as the Examiner dumping on Ed Jew. Perhaps none of the stuff will help his approval ratings, but I think they're just reporting what's newsworthy here as any good paper trying to report the news would. Even Ken Garcia's column, critical though it is, does not read to me like he's really trying to be hard on Ed. Garcia does often lay into people, and I don't feel he's doing that in this case. The only thing that seems really unfair to me is the headline on the immigrant eviction story, "Immigrants’ eviction part of Jew's track record." From the article, it sounds like this Hui guy was much more at fault, and that Ed Jew may not have been fully aware of the situation.

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