SF Examiner Publishes My Jobs Lost LTE

Dear Everyone;

The SF Examiner had an article about the process stores had to go through to be approved for opening and the lengthy time for approval and the number who had their applications turned down. Just below that article was a story about teenagers facing tough competition for summer jobs.

Hmmm - do you suppose there's a connection? The SF Examiner did and the LTE I wrtote about the connection was published.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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No chains, no summer jobs

Let’s connect the dots and see why summer jobs are lacking (“Competition for summer jobs heating up,” May 29).
Chain-store legislation blocks new stores and their employment opportunities. City minimum wage requires $9.36. Employers must have mandated healthcare. There’s a costly construction permit approval process for leasehold improvements of store sites.
The competition for teenagers is unskilled adults, uneducated immigrants, people with language barriers, elderly people supplementing their retirement incomes and college students.
Employers faced with a choice of an adult or a teenager with no job skills and mandated salary and benefits have to decide who can do the work to cover those basic costs and still make a profit. Additionally, the $120 million paid in small business payroll taxes could hire 6,000 minimum-wage workers.
Skewed “progressive” laws and business taxes block teenage employment by creating teenage un-employment.
Ron Getty
San Francisco