SF Examiner Publishes My Business Climate LTE With Affiliation

Dear Everyone;

The SF Examiner had an editorial about Mayor Newsom trying to plan for new businesses to come to San Francisco. I used this as a way to point out what needed to be done first before planning to plan on new businesses coming to SF.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian


The Examiner
Oct 2, 2006

No he shouldn’t
Your editorial (“The mayor should plan to not plan,” Sept. 29) highlights the fallacies of government as the “do all be all.” Government is the antithesis of bringing jobs as the jobs come at the cost of taxes taken and spent unwisely.
If Mayor Newsom and the Board of Supervisors truly believe in expanding San Francisco’s economic base they need to create the climate to attract businesses.
Repeal all anti-business regulations and small business payroll taxes. Streamline the business license and permit process. To house and attract workers, repeal rent control laws and get the building permit process less red-tape ridden so more apartments will be built. Cut The City budget in half so less tax money will be needed to be drained from the economy which will lower the costs of goods and services.
These starter steps are needed first to attract new businesses to San Francisco.
Ron Getty
Chair, Initiatives Committee, Libertarian Party of San Francisco
The City