SF Examiner Publishes My Anti-Violence Tax Payer Funded Program LTE

Dear Everyone;

The SF Examiner reported over the weekend on how Supervisor Daly was going to bring back the $10 million violence-prevention program the voters turned down. I wrote a few choice words about this and the SF Examiner printed without affiliation - this time - but the LTE still makes the point about what really needs to be done. The headline is the SF Examiners.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Letters: May 8, 2007
Anti-violence boondoggle
Supervisor Chris Daly’s proposal to come back to the well with his $10 million annual violence-prevention program is appallingly arrogant. The “crisis of violence” he cites as the casus belli results from the “progressive” Board of Supervisors and their policies causing unintended consequences.
Blue-ribbon panels preventing homicides by spending $10 million on violence prevention programs is a taxpayer-funded boondoggle. Blue-ribbon panels do not make streets safer, create jobs or stop gang warfare over drug turf. Having employable skills and the job opportunities for those skills makes the difference.
Small businesses employing fewer than 50 have collective payroll taxes of $120 million a year. With mandated minimum wages, health plans and paid sick days, “progressive” supervisors have cost 10,000 minimum wage jobs.
Do supervisors want employment opportunities over street crime? Cut small business taxes, licenses and permit fees, freeing capital for hiring and attracting new businesses.
Ron Getty
The City