SF Examiner Publishes My Anti-Small Business Tax LTE

Dear Everyone;

After the SF Examiner ran an editorial Friday about City Hall voting down the small business tax to be used to enforce the minimum wage laws I wrote an LTE pointing out a fallacy in the editorial and highlighted how City imposed payroll taxes on small business cost jobs. The SF Examiner agreed and published.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Letters: June 26th, 2006
The Examiner
Jun 26, 2006 6:00 AM
Small businesses’ burden
Your editorial (“City Hall right to kill business fee,” June 23) erred when stating the $235,000 funding for extra labor investigators “rightly should come from The City’s budget.” Those city funds include revenue from taxes paid by businesses.

City officials treat small businesses in San Francisco as ATMs for every progressive idea from wages to health plans. Business edicts are imposed even when detrimental to businesses and employment opportunities coming to San Francisco.

Consider this: Sixteen thousand small businesses, made up of five to 50 employees, comprise one-third of all city businesses but pay two-thirds of the annual payroll taxes, with 30,000 businesses exempted by various laws. The $120 million taken from these small businesses could hire 6,000 workers under city minimum wage laws.

The board of supervisors — with its “progressive,” anti-business legislation — shows its obvious contempt for profitable small businesses in San Francisco.

Ron Getty
The City