SF Examiner Publishes My Anti-School LTE With Affiliation

Marcy you are so right.
That's why I consider politicians to be barker/mascots, which can do so much to counter popular notions.
Our family's Jaguar repair "guy" is the most successful person in our circle. I garrantee if a parent paid him to apprentise their child, that kid would do as well at age 18 as a 28 year old graduate med student with $100k in loans.
You can't imagine how many of My friends have lost out due to GSL's (Garranteed Student Loans) loans for studying things because a box had to be checked on the application.
All is like Ron preached, put ed and it's cost in the hands of parents...
Imagine what you'd have to eat if the gov decided? A lot of cheese, due to a bumper milk harvest that the very gov substidized which over produced?SMILE

That's why I believe Brown vs Board of Ed. was a mistake. The fight should have been to end gov schooling instead of adding to it. "Separate but equal" means black people have a right to pimp tax payers also! Even though it led to My Dad at NYU and My Mom going to U of Maryland.