SF Examiner Publishes My Anti-School LTE With Affiliation

Dear Eric;

The public school system got its start back with the guild system in the Middle Ages to train apprentices. Then in the time of Martin Luther the Reform priest who started Lutherenism as against Catholicism it got another bump.

ala an article excerpt:

Germany’s vocational schooling and education has its roots in the Middle Ages. It was during the 12th Century where guilds organized the teaching of their profession so that craftsmen could become masters. Parents taught their children the craft and gave them the education. As far as academic education went, the first university was founded in Heidelberg in 1386, and the remaining educational organization was under the control of monasteries and Latin schools. Education was mostly reserved for nobility, clergy and bourgeois upper class.
In 1524, during the Reformation, Martin Luther began to emphasize the need to establish and maintain Christian schools. In his letter "To the Councilmen of All Cities in Germany That They Establish and Maintain Christian Schools," he addressed the civic leaders of Germany and all beloved German citizens with the urgency that councilmen possessed – more than parents – the resources to establish schools, and that it is their moral duty to promote the kingdom of God (from their position of power). His good intentions created a conflict between Church and State, which was eventually settled by the Kingdom of Prussia. During the 18th Century, Prussia became the first country worldwide to establish a free and compulsory primary education. The guardian over Germany’s future school education was now under state control. The mentality carried on through history until it found its way into Germany’s Fundamental Law. Hitler only refined it during the Nazi era by indoctrinating
Nazi ideology into the curriculum.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

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