SF Examiner Publishes My Anti-School Budget Deficit LTE With Affiliation

Dearest All;

The SF Examiner on Monday had an article about
SFUSD facing a $61 million defict in budget financing
over the next two years with the newly approved state
budget. I said what should be done to solve that
problem plus a few California state government
schools solutions.

As always the LTE was edited for space - but I'll take
what I can get when it gets published with the
Libertarian affiliation.

For more on how to solve the government school
problem see these op-eds from the Libertarian
Perspective I wrote.



Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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July 30, 2009


"Leave taxpayers alone"

San Francisco Unified School District faces $61 million in budget cuts in two years. With 60,000 SFUSD students, do the math and have a student fee of just $508 per year to cover the deficit.
It’s time public schools stopped going back to the taxpayers. Taxpayers passed a school parcel tax and bond measures to keep schools open and pay teachers a living wage. Why are we expected to dig into our pockets again?

Exempt teachers from paying income taxes, fire all educational bureaucrats and only have teaching principals. Repeal teacher credential requirements, allowing skilled adults to openly compete for teaching jobs. Stop forcing parents who home school or send their children to private schools to pay for sending other children to public schools.

– Ron Getty, Vice chair, Libertarian Party, San Francisco