SF Examiner Publishes My Anti-Public School LTE With Libertarian Affiliation

Dear Everyone;

Yesterday the SF Examiner had an editorial on the truancy problems at the SF school district. They said in comparison Thomas Alva Edison never had any formal public schooling of any kind - look what he did. They then went on to say with 2,500 truants how many Edison's are there and does mandatory attendence work.

I wrote a LTE about what some of the real school problems were which are not addressed by mandatory attendence and the Examiner published an edited version with Libertarian affiliation.

Ron Gettty
SF Libertarian


The Examiner
Sep 22, 2006

School and state
The editorial [“Truancy: What would Edison do?” Sept. 21] highlights the dysfunctional government school system. Mandatory school attendance, created by the California Teachers Association, was designed to create more jobs for teachers due to students-per-teacher regulations. Sacramento added money be paid to school districts per student as part of a scheme to control local school districts through redistribution of tax money.
The benefit to students of the mandatory attendance requirement is dubious. The SFUSD has 22 police officers patrolling middle and high schools and is getting federal funding to add 20 more. With gang warfare, drug dealing and disruptive students who couldn’t care less about education, you have day-care “juvie” detention facilities, not places of learning.
Ron Getty
Chair, Initiatives Committee
Libertarian Party of San Francisco
The City


  Congratulations as usual on getting published! Are you keeping track of how many letters you've had printed in the Examiner? Have you thought about approaching them about doing a regular column?

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Dear Starchild;

Yes I have had a good 3 dozen or so published. A smaller batch at the Chronicle and a couple each at Bay Guardian and SF Weekly. There's a new editorial page editor at the Examiner. I still haven't quite figured him out yet on the types of LTE's he likes as the ones published cover a broader scope and are a different from what used to be publsihed by the former editorial page editor.

A regular column would be nice but Ken Garcia has that nailed down real well. And they have dropped their other regulars as well. But there still may be hope.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian