SF Examiner Publishes My Anti-Proposition 82 OP/ED

Dear Everyone;
  The California Libertarian Party Writers Bureau sent out an OP/ED I wrote against Proposition 82 the Public Preschool Education Act. Todays SF Examiner published it under the headline of: Preschool Plan: misguided boondoggle? in a very nice layout alongside of a dramatic file photo of Rob Reiner the sponsor of Proposition 82 in action at a microphone gesturing at the audience.
  The on-line Examiner edition has changed and Opinion is no longer published on-line. If you are in San Francisco you can get a free street edition of the Examiner to see the beautiful layout they did.
  Or go to the California Libertarain Party web site to read the OP/ED.
  In real late breaking news the cigarette tax funded commission Rob Reiner headed will undergo a full audit of how the tax payer funds were used to promote "preschool for all" at the same time the Proposition 82 initiaitive was circulating. State law forbids using tax funds for political campaigning. Ooopsy - Rob Reiner - bad dog - bad dog - bad dog - no - no - no.
  Special thank you to Dan Minkoff LP Editor for the initial editorial shapeup and Jackie Estrada LP Editor and Richard Newell for final review and commentary.
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian