SF Examiner Publishes My Anti-Minimum Wage LTE With Libertarian Affiliation

Dear Everyone;

Yesterday the SF Examiner had an excellent Viewpoints article against the minimum wage. I took the opportunity to say more in an anti-minimum wage LTE and the SF Examiner agreed and left in the Libertarian affiliation.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian


The Examiner
Letters: August 31, 2006
Minimum Wage Debate

A minimum wage increase is a chimera for politicians and a joke for minimum wage workers.
After state and federal taxes, Social Security withholding and disability income payments — there is no there there — because the net gain is zero. This is if they can get and keep their minimum wage job against the impact of increased payroll costs to an employer.
Workers earning the minimum wage are unskilled laborers, first-time job high-schoolers, summer students or elderly retired needing to supplement their retirement incomes. Any increase in pay without adjusting for productivity cost factors puts a floor in the way of their employment.
Help low wage workers by cutting all income taxes for everyone earning below the poverty level. Put a floor of $100 on the regressive state sales tax. Repeal minimum wage laws to increase employment.
Ron Getty
Chair, Initiatives Committee
Libertarian Party of San Francisco
The City