SF Examiner Publishes My Anti-Mandated Paid Sick Leave Ballot Initiative LTE

Dear Everyone;

Thursday the SF Examiner had an article about a group who apparently will have at least 4 supervisors sign on and place a supervisors initiative on the ballot which would ask voters to mandate paid sick days for all businesses in San Francisco.

Due to the fact large businesses already provide this as a benefit this mandate is aimed at small businesses. This comes on top of the new mandated health insurance taxes and payroll taxes and increased SF minimum wage taxes.

I wrote an acid commentary LTE about the real direction the supervisors were heading regarding small businesses and the SF Examiner agreed and published right at the top of the LTE page.

BTW: The LTE section today has other interesting LTE's some of which could be considered Libertarian in view on property rights and the taking of property and making personal choice decisions.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Letters: July 29-30th, 2006
The Examiner Jul 29, 2006

Requiring paid sick days

Abandon ye all hope, small business owners, who do business in San Francisco. Advocates petition the supervisors to approve a ballot initiative forcing businesses to provide paid sick days (“Paid sick days for employees may be ballot bound,” July 26). They claim a savings in costs over turnover of $8.5 million.

Small businesses owe payroll taxes, taxes for permits, licenses and registration and soon health insurance taxes. Simplify the tax process. All small businesses will be owned by The City with an on-site commissar taking the daily receipts. This is a small price for a business owner to pay to enjoy the ambience of San Francisco living.

The appropriated money would be redistributed for workers to have high pay, medical benefits, paid sick leave, food, rent and proper clothing for their children. Thus, a happy workers’ paradise created by the supervisors through small business taxes.

Ron Getty
The City