SF Examiner Publishes My Ant-War On Terror LTE With Libertarian Affiliation

Dear Everyone;
  Yesterday Jay Ambrose a SF Examiner columnist had an article on the War on Terror. I used the article to point out some important facts about the war on terror and why we had the fight and what to do to stop it.
  The Ambrose column:
  My LTE with Libertarian affiliation:
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian
  Letters: May 10th, 2006 War on terror
  Jay Ambrose claims World War III is the war on terror (�U.S. must stiffen resolve to win war on terror,� May 9). Attacking a worldwide, multicause, religious-based ideology with technology will not win this war. The reason for this mess is U.S. imperialism, forced regime changes and propping up dictators who support our policies while receiving America�s largesse.
  One hundred fifty thousand U.S. soldiers are at 150 foreign bases, with another 160,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan. America does not need to be a latter-day imperial Roman Empire.
  To win this war, bring home U.S. troops and defend America�s borders. Enact trade agreements instead of military agreements for a new Pax Americana free from war.
  Ron Getty
  Libertarian Party San Francisco
  The City