SF Examiner My LTE On Public Housing

Dear All;

This Sunday the SF Examiner had an article on the failing public housing
projects in SF and the lack of funds to fix the structural defects, remove mold
and upgrade plumbing electrical and heating systems.

I wrote a LTE about one method to fix public housing by turning it into private
ownership by the residents.

The SF Examiner agreed and published with affiliation.

Ron Getty

Convert tenants to owners

Public housing families should take control of their buildings through
conversion to home ownership. Home ownership of Housing Authority units is
possible through partnerships of project families and private financial
lenders. Home ownership assures that housing project families have a stake in
the local community.

Capable residents could provide “sweat equity” to reduce repair and
construction costs, with on-the-job skills training programs. Private long-term
mortgages would set mortgage payments at current rental rates. Residents
purchasing could have property taxes abated to lessen the financial strain.

Family-oriented home ownership would attract corner groceries and other retail.
Home owners’ associations could hire private community police for neighborhood

Public housing home ownership would save billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded
housing support. It’s a win-win situation.

Ron Getty, Vice Chair, Libertarian Party, San Francisco

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:

Dear Mike;

Thanks and as far as behind the scenes stuff going on - I'm shocked I'm shocked
- there's gambling going on in the back room...LOL

Ron Getty

Dear All;

Dan Weiner provides some additional insight to the general public housing debate
with some history on what was Prop. 168 in 1993 which was designed to circumvent
local people having a say so about public housing.

Ron Getty