SF Chronicle - Rape reports in SF up nearly 40% from 2007

The Chronicle has a story this morning -- http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/09/24/BASR133JSK.DTL -- reporting that rape reports are up by 40% here since last year. This is an excellent opportunity to talk about priorities, and how law enforcement money is being spent! Here is the comment I posted:

{sarcasm} What's the fuss here? Rape is not a big deal! It's much more important that the city continue spending at least $11.4 million a year arresting prostitutes and their clients for consensual sex! We're on the verge of winning the War on Prostitution and stamping out the "world's oldest profession" for good. Whatever you do, do not listen to these people who say we are misallocating resources. I'm sure that reassigning those vice cops to investigate violent crime would do nothing to bring down the number of rapes, robberies, or homicides. Besides, the violence is not happening in MY neighborhood, why should I care? I'd rather use the taxpayers' money and resources to keep arresting adults for consensual sex. After all, the best way to help sex workers is by arresting them! Whatever you do, don't vote for Proposition K! Much better that San Franciscans keep getting raped, robbed, and murdered, than that we lay out a "welcome mat" for these disgusting people selling sex! {/sarcasm}

Love & Liberty,

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