SF Chronicle Publishes My Anti-Tax Big Business LTE

Dear Everyone;

After the SF Chronicle published an article yesterday about Board President Supervisor Peskin's proposed new multi-million dollar gross receipts tax on large businesses I wrote an anti-tax LTE and the Chronicle published without Libertarian affiliation but the message is still just as good.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Thursday, June 15, 2006

'Fair share' or not

Editor -- Supervisor Aaron Peskin's proposed "fair share" tax measure on large businesses is the wrong approach at the wrong time for the wrong reasons to solve San Francisco's budget problems ("Peskin's shot across big city business bows,'' June 14).
City employees average $85,000 in pay and benefits and private workers $50,000. A majority of city employee contracts are being re-negotiated. Put a salary cap program into effect. Set the mayor's pay at $100,000 and scale pay downward from there. This simple step will save $810 million in taxes.
San Francisco