SF Chronicle Article?

We reaching a point of sabortage as a only result.
Sorry I missed the meeting. Filmore's murder got me by the throat!


  Huh? Not quite following you here...


  Your comments at the hearing were excellent. And way to go in getting the press! The line to speak was thinning down around when you left I think, and I got up and spoke not too long after that. There were some excellent statements made by reps of the ACLU and a group connected with Boalt Hall Law School, and a scattering of other supportive voices, but I'd estimate 2/3 to 3/4 of those who spoke were anti-freedom. I had to come home for the weekly LPC convention planning teleconference, so I didn't stay after I spoke, or find out how they voted. Didn't see anyone standing around who was obviously a reporter, either, although I looked.

  The Police Commission's last vote on the issue was 7-0 in favor of approving additional cameras, although a number of commissioners reportedly had reservations about the move. Based on newspaper coverage of the last meeting, I think that there were more voices speaking out for our side this time than last -- hopefully that encouraged some wavering commissioners to find backbones.

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