SF Chron correction on soda tax

is minimal.
You can find it on p. A2 and it just says ““There was extraneous text in the lead of Chip Johnson’s column. It should have read:” The only visible opponents of the soda tax measures in Berkeley and San Francisco are none other than the soda pop makers themselves”".
People who read the original could still conclude that libertarians didn’t oppose it after he specifically said we didn’t

I guess that allows Chip Johnson to save face and confirms my low opinion of the Chronicle.

Posted by: francoise@thefieldingcompanies.com

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Deeper than the Chronicle being a poor quality paper, I think. The powers that be simply do not acknowledge any view but the progressive one.


Hi Francoise, Marcy, and Starchild. I guess the correction needs a correction. Pitiful. I liked both of the Starchild and Marcy comments and posted a brief comment myself. Also noted that most of the comments I read were not in support of the tax.
Thanks for posting about the article!Aubrey