SF Bay Guardian Publishes My Saturday Anti-Golden Gate Closure LTE

Dear Everyone;
  Although it's too late as news as the Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to trial close Golden Gate Park on Saturdays. Last week Tim Redmond of The SF Bay Guardian had some commentary on the proposed Saturday closure of Golden Gate Park.
  I wrote an LTE in rebuttal and the Guardian published today but without the Libertarian affiliation.
  Redmond's idea is ludicrous
  Tim Redmond's idea for Dede Wilsey to raise $200,000 and split this equally with the road closure activists for a new level-playing-field initiative to vote on Saturday closures is ludicrous [Editor's Notes, 5/3/06].
  If the Saturday-closure group has the support it claims, there should be 1,000 people who could pony up $100 each to fund the $100,000. Then they would have a personal incentive to see the initiative pass. Why must Wilsey raise the money for the pro campaign to close the park on Saturdays?
  There is enough time to get a new Saturday road closure initiative on the ballot by collecting enough voter signatures for the July 10 deadline for the November elections.
  Do this instead of going crying to the Board of Supervisors and getting them to kiss butt.
  Ron Getty San Francisco
  SF Libertarian