SF Bay Guardian Publishes My Anti-Tax LTE With Libertarian

Dear Everyone;

The SF Bay Guardian had an Editor's Note in last weeks issue from Tim Redmond about how the private individual pulled together a Dolores Park big-screen Soccer Finals picnic on the green attended by some 15,000 aficianados of soccer.

He then went on to wonder why our great Rec-Parks Department couldn't have done the same because after all they have lots of taxpayers money to do this with.

For those not familiar the SF Bay Guardian is a 25 year old weekly alternative tabloid which tends to lean to the left-liberal on issues political and scocial and economic. But this time they were nice enough to publish an affiliated anti-tax LTE.

This is Tim's article:


I of course had some 150 or less words to say about that and the Guardian published with Libertarian affiliation.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian


Volume 40, Issue 42 | July 19 - July 25, 2006

Tim Redmond [Editor's Notes, 7/12/06] expressed amazement over the Dolores Park soccer party created overnight by an individual. He scratched his head over why Rec-Park couldn't do the same. Redmond wrote, "Rec-Park is a nest of bureaucrats without a vision." Well — duh!
Government does not attract creative freethinking red tape–less individuals who ache to streamline the process. Bureaucrats do not rock the boat or make waves, and live for "decision by committee" and CYA — cover your ass.
Redmond wrote that there are ways to spend the public's money, helping the public have fun and reminding people of why they pay taxes.
Help the public by not taking taxes from the public. Let the public decide how it would like to spend its earnings. Don't let bureaucrats decide on the public's behalf what's "good for the public" after taking taxes from the public.
Ron Getty
Chair, Initiatives Committee
Libertarian Party San Francisco