"'Sexting' Case to Take Center Stage at 3rd Circuit" (Law.com, 1/14/10)

The ACLU is standing up for free speech in a case currently under appeal in which several teenage girls were threatened with child pornography charges for texting friends with scantily clad photos of themselves. I love how their attorney frames the argument: "The girls have a First Amendment right not to be forced to mouth the views that Skumanick [the prosecutor who wanted to force the teens to take a class to avoid prosecution] believes appropriate for 'girls in today's society' and their parents have a 14th Amendment right to direct their daughters' education, which includes the right not to subject them to a program that reflects Skumanick's views of what it means to be female in today's society." The threat to file charges, said the ACLU attorney, "was baseless and was made only to coerce the girls to participate in a re-education program of his design." A district judge agreed, now it's in federal appeals court.
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