Several LPSF inquiries from Campaign for Liberty events Saturday

Here are several inquiries I got from doing outreach at the Ron Paul
rally and after-party Saturday:

(415) 850-9514 (cell)

Peter Suter
(415) 425-9446
works as bar back at The Cafe in the Castro

(650) 784-6201
student at City College

Sergio Paez
(415) 863-1258

  Whoever is currently contacting inquiries, I hope you'll please
remind them that they gave me their info at the rally or afterward at
John Dennis's headquarters, so they'll know why they're being
contacted, and ask if they'd like to receive an info packet from us in
the mail.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Thank you very much, Starchild. I will send them e-mails by end of day Friday.