September 11 - Information and movie screening

Re: September 11, including invitation to movie viewing at Starchild's this
Wednesday evening.

I just called Starchild a few hours ago. He had not remembered me at first,
because I am one of those SF LP members who is not the most active in
regards to local meetings and activities.

I must say, though, to those who do not remember me, I HAVE participated in
a number of local LP events, and some of you may remember me if you think
hard enough.

Some of the things I have done related to SF LP over the last 11 years have

1. Attended more than a handful of local meetings at Round Table Pizza,
at least 5 or more.
2. Attended at least one or two meetings back when we used to meet on
Market and Octavia.
3. Attended at least one SFLP social at someone's apt. in SF about 4
years ago.
4. Helped out with the Badnarik trip to SF for the Gay Parade, marched
in parade with the SFLP, carried a sign, worked the booth.
5. Attended Badnarik's SF campaign fund raising dinner.
6. Attended Harry Browne's fund raiser dinner.

I cannot remember all the other things I have done with the local LP but
those are some that come to my mind at the moment. I have also been a
member of LP since I believe around 1989 and ever since continuously.

So even if you don't know who I am, I am a long-standing libertarian and

I wanted to know from Starchild what LP members are saying about 9/11, in
the meetings, and informally. I know that a lot of people do not think
9/11 is a campaign winner. I heard Badnarik interviewed a couple months
ago, and he did not offer any opinion of 9/11 when asked. So clearly he is
not using that as a campaign issue.

Now, I am really not interested as to whether any of the local LP members
make this a campaign theme or not. I really don't have any opinion on that.

The reason I am writing you about this is more as fellow small "l"
libertarians rather than big "L" Libertarians. 9/11 is not necessarily a
great campaign issue. But I do believe it IS a small "l" libertarian issue.

I don't know how many of you have taken a close look at the independent
evidence about 9/11. I have, and I am telling you there is a LOT to this

Why does 9/11 matter?

Because 9/11 has been used as the pretext for:

Declaration by the President that he has almost unlimited war powers -
creating what is a virtual dictatorship

War in Afghanistan

War in Iraq - and all the death, torture, and abuse

Homeland Security

Warrantless monitoring of email and phones

Gagging of government whistleblowers

Increased military spending

Possible escalation into future military intervention into Iran, Syria, and
maybe even bigger. It is conceivable this is going to end up being WW 3.

An ever more authoritarian government moving towards a full-blown police

Now I think everyone here can agree that these are libertarian issues. In
my opinion, these are BIG libertarian issues.

There is one other thing about this issue: many different types of people
are unhappy with the above listed issues, including many liberals, and even
many Republicans. In other words, there is a huge concern nationwide about
these issues.

Where did it all begin? 9/11.

Now, I don't know how many of you have spent time looking at 9/11, but for
those who haven't, I think as a libertarian you might consider what is at
stake if the American people ignore this issue.

For those of you who have some serious problems with the government's
response regarding 9/11, I am wondering if any of you have done, or have
thought about doing any sort of activism on this issue.

I have just become a San Francisco contact for 9/11
( <> )

Now, I am also a member of the LP.

I want you to know this:

If any of you are interested in learning more about 9/11, please email me.
I have materials that can make your learning about 9/11 extremely efficient.
You can learn the basics in an hour or two. You can learn a lot more if you
give it a few hours. But it really is fascinating what has been uncovered
over the last five years by independent researchers. There are some
extremely interesting movies as well that you can get for free.

I have DVD's that have no copyright that can be copied freely. I am trying
to distribute flyers and DVD's and CD's into the hands of as many concerned
people as possible.

To give the SFLP a sample of 9/11 Truth, Starchild has suggested that we
hold a screening at his place this Wednesday night at 8pm of a movie called
Loose Change, 2nd Edition, which I have on DVD.

I will give out a free DVD and info CD to all who attend. In addition, I
will help get this info out to anyone in the LP who is interested, even if
they do not or cannot attend.

So you are all invited to Starchild's this Wednesday night at 8pm for the
screening. Please RSVP to Starchild or email me to let me know if you can
come or not.

If you cannot come, please let me know if you nevertheless do have any
interest in obtaining free 9/11 materials either over the internet, or
personally from me. I have some excellent materials you can download for
free on the internet.

I am not expecting a huge turnout for the screening, but at the very least
Starchild and I will be there, even if nobody else shows. Please join us if
you wish. We can discuss the movie and the issues after the movie if you so

So, in summary, I think 9/11 is worthy of caring citizens' time, including
those of the LP membership, and I welcome you to come Wednesday night 8pm,
or contact me for more information.

Thank you for your time.

PS I have misplaced Starchild's address. If you don't know it, you can
write him at outreach@...

I will try to send you an update on his San Francisco address as soon as I

Also, attached is a brief introduction to some of the issues of 9/11.

noon8window.pdf (36 Bytes)