Send flowers to a random couple at SF City Hall

It would be nice if the LPSF could afford to send a bunch of these from the party. Perhaps a bunch of use could do so individually but the note would read "Best wishes, etc from the LP, etc"? Any interest in that?

From boingboing:

  A Minnesotan got the idea to have congratulatory flowers delivered to a random gay couple on the steps of San Francisco City Hall, and now s/he's trying to start a movement.
  He called a florist and they agreed to do it. He told them to deliver to any couple -- it didn't matter who -- standing in line to get married, with his blessing. The card will read simply "With love, from Minneapolis, Minnesota."

  Once they understood, they were very touched and thought it was a great idea.

  He told another co-worker who did the same thing. And now we want to start a movement. Wouldn't that be cool if people from all over the country, gay, straight and otherwise, started sending flowers to the people waiting in line to get married.