Senate Approves Immigration Bill Now The Conference Committee Comes

Dear Everyone;

Based on the Senates approval the new Senate Immigration bill goes to a House Senateconference committee. One disturbing fact which emerges is the new number of Border Patrol agnets being asked for which doubles the number of Border Patrol Agents.

The proposal would increase the number of Border Patrol Agents from the current 11,000 to 21,000. Currently for comparison the FBI has 12,000 the DEA 4,900 the IRS 2,800 and the ATF 2,400.

With an average Border Patrol Agent making $45,000 plus in pay and benefits and a new pay increase package being approved taxpayers are looking at an additional $500,000,000.

Makes you wonder how much fence you could build for $500 million along the South West border if you used illegal immigrant labor at minimum wages. That sure would make a few jaws drop when that labor contract was issued. ( heh heh heh)

Hey - why not if they are available and willing to work what the hey - right???

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian