Semi-Annual Dinner - tonite! (10/10)

Just in case you've forgotten, tonight is the night
for the LPSF Semi-Annual Dinner. Details for the event
are found on-line at -

If you haven't rsvp'd yet, please let me know at some
point today if you think you might make it.

Also, my effort to support separate checks
unfortunately did not pan out so please bring cash

This is shaping up to be great evening and I'm looking
forward to some lively discussions on liberty.

In freedom,

David Rhodes

(mobile - 415-699-9025)


  Sorry about not having cash at the dinner -- I didn't read this message prior to the event. Glad they took two credit cards; not glad they took so much off them! The food was good and the event fun as always, but I vote for a less expensive restaurant next time. As much as I enjoyed it, I don't think I would have gone if I knew it was going to cost me nearly $50. Anyway, thanks for organizing.

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