Sec. of State ruling wipes out our 150 signature in lieu of filing fee

The California Secretary of State yesterday construed the election law to mean that everyone who doesn't pay the filing fee to run for partisan office must get 3,000 signatures (for US House and state legislature) and 10,000 (for statewide office). This is a drastic change from the old law, which required members of parties with registration under 5% to just get 150 (at most).

Prop 14 and SB 6 (the implementing language for Prop 14) did not amend the petition in lieu of filing fee parts of the law. She didn't need to do this. She is our enemy.

This is a good opportunity to plug the 2011 Liberty Forum, <URL: >. Come to New Hampshire and
rub elbows with the legislators who will be lowering the threshold to
ballot access in New Hampshire in the next session. (-: (The Sec’y of
State is our enemy here, too, though.)



  I suspect the idea was to balance the calendar by having PorcFest in
the summer and Liberty Forum in the winter. My more tongue-in-cheek
explanation is that New Hampshirites (New Hampshirians?) are so busy
enjoying the good weather outdoors during summer that they have no
patience for sitting indoors for any kind of conference during those
months. :slight_smile:

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

No idea, actually, except that PorcFest is in August. Convention space
is cheaper, and it’s usually around Presidents’ Day Weekend, a long
weekend when there isn’t much competition for events.

~Chris (currently stuck in Florence, KY)