Scott Wiener on Reddit's "Ask Me Anything"

Reddit has an interesting feature called "Ask Me Anything", where a person will, virtually, sit in the hot seat and field whatever questions people throw at them. The current individual of the hour is SF supervisor and state senate candidate Scott Wiener:

  Well, actually the hour was apparently hours ago, but he may be back to answer follow up questions. If he does, it's a nice opportunity to grill a politician running for office and have him answer on the record where people will be watching for dodges and evasions.

  The question I posted:

Scott, do you think it is justifiable that thousands of government employees, both in San Francisco including members of the Board of Supervisors, and at the state level, including members of the State Senate, are paid over $100,000 per year with money that includes taxes paid by San Franciscans and Californians who earn minimum wage, or are unemployed or even homeless?

If elected to the State Senate, will you promise to give even 1/10th of your over $120,000 total annual pay back to the taxpayers?

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