Science Debunks Precautionary Principle


Should a URL not work--or you don't even have a URL--simply google some key words in the article, in this case: "Science Debunks Precautionary Principle". My guess is you'll find it.

I just tried the link and it did work.

Suggestion: update your software and your googling!

Best, Michael

Dear Dr. Mike;

Last night the click through wasn't working for the web site. My guess is maybe down for maintenance. While it does work this morning - stuff happens - as always.....

Therefore and Ergo my software doesn't need upgrading and my gooooogling - googles along quite nicely.

As an example: Dr. Michael R. Edelstein, PhD gooooooogles some 62,000 gooooogles. Bet you didn't know you were so popular over at goooooogle???

Enjoy reading about yourself.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian