Dear All;
Interesting article about northern Texs school district which allows teachers to carry in the classroom. Most importantly there is a section of the article where you can vote if this should or should not be done. The yes for any teacher at any time vote leads at 60%. So far 15,000 total votes cast.
Of course this article doesn't note whether the teacher should carry for self-protection from students or outsiders. This statement is a statement of fact as in California several school districts have sworn police officers patrolling middle and high schools instead of the mean streets.
San Francisco has some 42 officers doing this and the LA school district has 327 and San Diego has 38 and Sacrmento has 10. Makes you feel good sending your child to a government school doesn't it?
Just remember one important point - when seconds count the police are always minutes away. Look at Columbine and Virginia Tech and the Northern Illinois college where shooters went because they were free fire zones - no one was going to be shooting back - because they all banned fire arms.
Oh yes one other important thing - you do not need a permit to CDW from anyone. Why? Look at it this way - would you rather be carried by 6 or tried by 12? Carry and live freely the life you save may be yours.
Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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