SB-2099 (Snopes: Status=FALSE)

as for Senate Bill SB-2099 , no chance is an e-mail hoax that
1st appeared in 2000 , not 2009 and has been debunked by very major
gun owner organization, here is the buckeye firearms org statement on
this issue found on their website:

Senate Bill SB-2099 e-mails are a hoax

Submitted by drieck on Fri, 08/07/2009 - 00:05.
In recent weeks, people from all over Ohio have been bombarding us
with copies of a hoax e-mail about Senate Bill SB-2099.

The e-mail warns that SB-2099 would require you to list all guns on
your IRS income tax return.
No matter how many times we explain that this e-mail is a hoax, people
just keep forwarding it to us. The NRA reports it's getting hundreds
of these forwarded e-mails.
Trust us. This is a hoax. We've checked it out. The NRA has checked it
The bill was real nine years ago, but it died having never been voted
on. It's possible that pro-gun people don't know it's a dead bill. Or
it's possible anti-gun people are trying to mess with their enemies.
Either way, we implore you ...

Not only will forwarding it make you look silly. Sending it to large
groups of people could annoy those who have seen this a dozen times
already and result in someone reporting you as a spammer. Internet
Service Providers take this very seriously.
What follows is some background information on this persistent e-mail
hoax on SB-2099.
Explanation by the NRA.
finish reading at this link:

You only need to google ..Senate Bill SB-2099... and you will have
thousands of hits showing this is a hoax..

And while i don't always believe snopes, they have this one right:

Sorry but hr 45 is not going anywhere and senate ill SB 2099 is old
news and is a hoax...

Warm regards, Michael