Save The Date

Hi All! This year the LPSF is trying something different for our annual "Tax Day" event. We will be hosting a tax symposium on Prop 13 at the Richmond Library meeting room on 9th Avenue (between Geary and Clement) on Sunday, April 13 from 1:30-4:00 PM. We will have two speakers "For," two speakers "Against," and then open it up to the audience for questions and comments. It will not be an "us" versus "them" debate, but rather a rounded and open panel discussion on the pros and cons of the controversial issue. We anticipate it being an interesting and provocative afternoon. Please plan to join us and bring your friends and colleagues.


Hi Aubrey and All,

Thanks for being this event's organizer, Aubrey. I also think trying something like this will prove interesting, as well as informative. It will be a way of interacting in a friendly way with those on "the other side," so that we can more effectively reach them with libertarian solutions to their concerns.

Everybody, please come, tell your family, friends, and groups to come.