Save the date - October 11 @ 7pm - Libertarian house party in SF to raise funds for NO on 8 Campaign

*Please forward to all Libertarian lists in Northern California or to
anyone else you think may be interested*

Fellow Libertarians:

We all know that there are too many laws. Government is too big and too
intrusive. But, perhaps worst of all, government is often used by
majorities to attack minorities. Our laws should not treat people
differently. Proposition 8 creates separate rules for same-sex couples, and
that’s not at all Libertarian.

So, on the evening of Saturday, October 11, I'll be hosting a
Libertarian house party to raise funds for the NO on 8 Campaign. It
will be in San Francisco, South of Market, near the Moscone Center (3rd
St and Folsom St in Archstone, Apartment 6111), walkable from Montgomery
BART/Muni on Market St, and with garages at 4th St and Mission St or at
1 Saint Francis Pl (3rd St near Harrison) for your convenience.

Our goal for the evening is to raise $2500 for the campaign. To reach
that goal with our typical Libertarian turnout of 20 people, we'll need
to average $125/person, though anyone contributing at least $50 is
welcome to attend.

Since there is an LP San Francisco meeting followed by pizza social that
same afternoon, the NO on 8 house party will be from 7pm to 9pm. And
since everyone will be full of pizza from the LPSF social, the house
party's refreshments will likely be wine/cheese or
cocktails/appetizers. But there are some outstanding restaurants in the
neighborhood if anyone is interested in a late supper after the party.

To minimize paperwork, I'm asking that everyone with web access make
their contributions directly via the No on 8 Donations page:

and then just print out their receipts and bring them to the party (or
email them with your RSVP), so we can keep track of how much
Libertarians raised for the No on 8 Campaign with this house party. (If
you don't have web access, any checks made payable to "Equality For All"
will be accepted, but cash donations of $100 or more cannot be accepted,
thanks to campaign finance laws.)

Since we're already being outspent by over $5 million by the opposition,
I'm asking that you click that link above and make your donation TODAY.
Those few weeks' head start will really help us with TV ad buys, since
earlier buys are less expensive, and last-minute buys are incredibly
expensive. For a sample of the TV ads we're running, see

If you can go ahead and RSVP for the event to, that
would be fantastic. And if you can go ahead and make your donation
online and let me know the amount, that's even better.

Thank you very much, and I hope to see you the evening of October 11.


Rob Power
Chair, LP San Francisco
Chair, Outright Libertarians
Member, LP California ExCom
Member, NO on 8 Campaign Committee