Save drakes bay

It's amazing that Feinstein would align with "science" while the local RP is silent, both on the science and on the parallel issue of the nationalization of local resources.

You mentioned in another post, the RP is changing. Yes it is. When Bill Pissenti was chairman, the SCRCC meeting was opened with Patric Henry's speech.

Now, most of those people are gone and what is left are pious, pansy-ass wimps, by comparison. Naturally, they would have no way of knowing, how far they had gone bad. There are no good role models left and nobody remembers what the North Bay Republicans were like 50 years ago.

But by 1972, the socialists had succeeded in creating the Coastal Commission, now considered part of the bureau-political landscape. And this was not without a HUGE fight. But already, the RP had embraced socialist conservatism instead of liberty and has led the country to becoming the most imprisoned nation on earth with 16$trillion in debt.

Now there is nary a whimper about the transfer of Drakes Bay, from private enterprise to public enterprise, while the terms of various other socialist enterprises are regulating who we can hire and what we can do with our property.

The oyster farm is a water-shed issue (chuckle :slight_smile: , suggesting the landscape for our political future. Especially as a Koch-funded defense team has taken up the cause of private enterprise, it becomes a crucial opportunity, to form broad operational alliances along the founding principles.

I think the RP is way too far gone without an epiphany of some sort. Put out of business in the Bay Area, by the LP, might be just what it needs.

And for the Bay Area LP, this is a golden opportunity to make some serious political hay with some serious political players.


I think there is a problem here that nobody has mentioned.

The Libertarian Party is in general in favor of private enterprise and
opposed to government control.

Therefore, we should be on the opposite side of the debate from what you
are advocating.

Your contention would more appropriately be addressed to the Green Party
rather than to us.

Sam Sloan