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The request I and one or two others made to have the social hour as an
agenda item.

Warm regards, Michael

Thank you. I've added it under New Business.

Any others? wrote:

Thank you for the Agenda, Rob; which has made it "official" that our guests Cindy Sheehan and John Dennis (Head Organizer of the S.F. Campaign for Liberty) will be addressing our group starting at 4:00 pm.

LPSF has been talking off and on about outreach to various groups, to give us an opportunity to jointly take action on areas of common interest. For example, as I understand it, Cindy Sheehan has spoken out against the unfettered powers of the Federal Reserve System, and so, of course, has the Campaign for Liberty. Many of us on this list have equal sentiments. Also, both Cindy and CFL are against interventionist wars, as we are. As a reminder, Cindy has a radio program, "Cindy's Soap Box", and if we succeed in communicating to her our efforts to stop the impending "Top Two Primary" system, she might help us with publicizing our views.

So, I am hoping that all of your out there come to the meeting this Saturday, even if only for the Cindy and John's talk starting at 4:00.



I guess Mr. Dennis isn't coming. sorry about that..