Sat. Agenda Item


I suggest we put on the agenda a discussion of our recommendation for Phil
regarding his position on John Dennis's candidacy.

Phil intends to be at the meeting and wishes to have our input then.

Agenda item: Phil supporting (or not) John's candidacy (10 minutes)

Warm regards, Michael

Hi Michael,

I hope Phil does come to the meeting; it is always great to see him. If he does, I would very much like to hear his thoughts on the matter of John Dennis, etc. during the Candidates Report section of the Agenda. While Phil is in the race, LPSF supports him. If he, on his own, decides to drop (and I pray he does not), then LPSF can make room in the Agenda to decide whether or not to support (not endorse!) a Republican (yuck!)


Dear Marcy

I believe if that took place it would be a recommendation as we would only
endorse Libertarians. Doncha just love semantics???...LOL

Ron Getty

Dear Ron,

The glitch in my e-mail was a double negative, which rendered my sentence obscure! Yes, we all don't not know that we all don't not ever "endorse" non-Libertarians!