[sanfrancisco] Protest Stephanie Landa's Incarceration! Call and Fax Campaign

Dear Starchild;

As a Libertarian I am certain you are aware the State can't be trusted any further than you can throw it.

Sadly for Ann Harrison and her fellow pot growers trusted a RESOLUTION by the Board of Supervisors and furthermore did not get WRITTEN AND SIGNED LEGAL STATEMENTS from Halloran at the meeting.

A RESOLUTION passed by the Supervisors has all the legal force of the hot air expelled by the Supervisors when they voted yes to pass the RESOLUTION. It is and was worthless as the Supervisors who passed it and mealy-mouthed Halloran who ignored it.

The simple fact is the Federales based on current Federal law did what they will always do when presented with a bonanza - strike at the so-called perps - the Federales could care less about any California law or any local San Francisco RESOLUTION.
Based on the articles statements of the agreements signed and the inability to get ahold of Capt. Cashman I do have to seriously wonder about who their legal counsel was and the competency of the legal counsel and why they weren't able to get a subpoena for Cashman and how they allowed their clients to sign such statements.

This is just another example of pot growers believing local ordinances trump Federal pot law and a City RESOLUTION which would stop the SFPD and/or the District Attorney from assisting the DEA. Unh Hunh! Yeah Right!

Politicians are not and will not do anything which will cut off the power they have from being in office. Unfortunately until the War on Drug laws get repealed at the Federal level or at least the marijuana laws for medically prescribed and personal use and medically prescribed growing of pot plants for personal use are allowed the Ann Harrisons will continue to get raided and imprisoned - regardless of any RESOLUTIONS passed by the Board of Supervisors.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian


  Yes, yes, I know. I believe you're preaching to the choir on this list. Making the phone calls would probably be a more constructive use of your time.

  It's Stephanie Landa who is being persecuted for growing, btw. Ann Harrison is a libertarian who wrote about it in an article for the Guardian.

> We are asking all supporters of medical cannabis to call and fax Judge
> Alsup and the US Attorneys Office in San Francisco to voice your anger
> at Ms. Landa's miscarriage of justice
> Here are the numbers:
> Judge Alsup 415-522-2000
> US Attorney's Office: Phone: (415) 436-7200
> Fax: (415) 436-7234

Love & liberty,
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