SAN FRANSISCO Yes on Prop 6 - DMV Press Conference 11:00 am

Hi Deborah,

  I would be interested in saying a few words at tomorrow's press conference in support of Prop. 6 on behalf of the Libertarian Party. I just RSVP'd to the link in your email message passed along by Mark Hinkle, and forwarded it to our local activist list. Please write back and confirm if you receive this before the event, or better yet call me at the number below.

  Recommend checking the spelling of "San Francisco" in any written communications the campaign may send out, by the way – the city's name is misspelled in the email below and on the website sign up page.

  Thank you for your work in supporting this attempt to restore the budgets of Californian individuals and families that have been cut by increasing government taxes on mobility! Please keep me posted about any updates on this or any other local efforts.

Love & Liberty,

                                  ((( starchild )))
Outreach Director, Libertarian Party of San Francisco
                               (415) 625-FREE