San Francisco State UNIVERSITY Closed Yesterday

Hi All. I thought you might be amused (or not) by this. I have a graduate
student living at my house while she works on her Master's at SF State.
She left me a message on Thursday night that the university would be closed
on Friday due to all the smoke in the air from the North Bay fires. While
the air in much of the Bay Area is definitely not good at this time, I
thought I'd check to see what other schools were doing, since most of us
not in the North Bay are still going to work and carrying on with our daily
lives. I first checked with Holy Name School, a Catholic K-8 that my son
attended in middle school. The secretary said they were open for business
as usual, but they were keeping an eye on the SF Unified School District,
and if they were going to close, then Holy Name would also close (sadly, so
much for being independent of government schools). I checked the SF
Unified School District website, and it said they were staying open for now
but were monitoring the situation. Mind you, this is for kindergarteners
through grade 12.

So we have grown adults who cannot attend UNIVERSITY due to iffy air, but
everyone else, including elementary school children, can still go to school
and work, just like millions of us do 5 days a week. This reminds of the
hysteria of Hillary losing the election and the counseling that UNIVERSITY
adults needed after the election. Looks like a generation of babies is
being supported by taxpayers, and yet there are always calls for more
government funding of higher education.

Possible bright spot: with the school being closed yesterday, less Marxism
was propagated for at least one day!