San Francisco Special Police

Dear All,

This group is a San Francisco treasure! and such a libertarian idea -- a privately supported police force.

A while back LPSF talked about an initiative mandating the city police focus on violent crime, leaving things like traffic support or funeral escorting to private groups. So here is the perfect group to take care of activities city police is way too over qualified to do! How about some publicity generated by us on this subject?

Their website is

I am looking forward to the report from the research committee on this subject (Starchild, Phil, Mike D., and I believe Michael E. volunteered also)

PS So, next LPSF meeting will be at the meeting room of the Richmond police station. Huuuummm...anyone for realizing the incongruity and proposing a reconsideration? Starchild?


Thanks Marcy,

We are just waiting on Starchild to make his connection with Jane....all the info is here at the site so we can pick up if Starchild has any difficulties.







Dear Marcy,

You're correct. I did volunteer to be part of Mike's group. I'm looking
forward to meeting with a representative of the Special Police.

Although this may sound like a contradiction in terms, there have been
policemen who have identified themselves as libertarians. Perhaps we can set
a goal of converting one or two at the police station!

Warm regards, Michael