San Francisco Protest to End the Lockdown

Mike Denny, Clint Griess, and myself attended the "We Have Rights" protest in front of City Hall today. There may have been others there from the LPSF as well, I'm not sure.

  It had been announced that those protesters in vehicles would drive around the block, and that happened for a while, but then the police blocked off the street at either end of the block of Polk Street in front of the building. (Nice of them to spend taxpayer resources trying to keep us safe, lol.... I expect the real reason was to keep people from seeing/hearing our message.)

  They also had police barricades in front of the steps of City Hall facing Polk Street, where we mainly ended up congregating. It had been planned for people on foot to walk on the Van Ness side of the building, but the construction on that side (as part of the never-ending Van Ness corridor project) had the sidewalk mostly closed off there, so we ended up initially congregating on the west side of Van Ness instead. After a few laps around the building, we mostly stayed in front of the Polk Street steps, although we later marched over to the Department of Public Health building at Polk and Grove, and then over to Market Street and in front of the Twitter building at Market and Ninth streets. I did a little bit of chalking on the sidewalk there.

  I think most people ended up on foot, though it was hard to tell. Not everybody was always together, but I'm guessing there may have been 150 or so people participating. We got a few hecklers, but most onlookers who reacted sounded positive. I brought my megaphone and made good use of it, though I had to go and make a pit stop to replace the batteries. There were lots of signs and some flags, but the messaging was mostly good in my opinion and I didn't really see or hear any support for Trump or other objectionable content, other than a guy saying he wanted to see Bill Gates' head on a stick. Unfortunately my camera battery also turned out to be dead, so I didn't get any photos or video of the demonstration – hopefully some others did, and it will get spread around online.

  Toward the end, someone told me they were watching live streaming from the protest in Sacramento where there were many more people (thousands, she said), and she said that riot police were out and using tear gas. Hopefully not directly on the protesters; that was unclear. According to the Chronicle there were only "hundreds" of people on the lawn and steps of the state capitol, but I take their estimate with a grain of salt as they also ay in the same story that the SF City Hall only "drew about 40" participants ( They also seem to have focused excessively on the anti-Newsom messaging, which I saw but which was not quite as much of a focus as I think they made it out to be. The sign I made on a portable reusable whiteboard read, "Healthy People Should Not Be Quarantined!"

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

I guestimate about 1000 protestors in Sacramento. Very inspiring with
numerous signs expressing libertarian sentiments. I liked references to

Very few people wore masks and many were not spacing themselves out. I
think that was a strategic error, but it wasn't exploited by the Chronicle
reporter as much as I would have expected.

Overall, a very gratifying day. Government overreach is causing a revival
of pro-freedom sentiment. I hope the LP will benefit.