[San Francisco: 'No Foreclosure Zone']

Ron or someone else, would you like to write an article for the website on this terrible idea from Phil Ting? The Examiner article is here:


Dear Rob;

I'll take a crack at it once I've had a chance to read and digest what he wrote then Libertarianize a response. It'll be somewhat similar and along the lines of what would be written to respond to rent control ordinances and their impact on rental housing.

Unfortunately Ting and Obama ignore the people who did make wise housing decisions and put down down payments and worked out a budget for their home which made it affordable for them. SO the responsible home buyer gets to pick up the tab for the irresponsible howm buyer who knew going in they were betting a long shot.

Now they are paying the price and they want good old Uncle Sap to bail them out at the expense of the responsible home owners.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Dear Rob and All,

Thank you, Rob. Also, we can post comments on the article; I just posted mine. So far, most of the comments are against Mr. Ting's idea; which is interesting, because sooner or later, in spite of people's objections, these boondoggles pass anyway!