San Francisco Libertarian Party Meetup list: "LP 2020 presidential nomination voting, 1st, 2nd, 3rd round results!"

You're welcome Françoise! Sitting on the phone listening to the convention, I was multi-tasking and doing that among other things. One of which being copying and pasting media addresses from my address book into email to send to Nick Smith as additional people to send our monthly LPSF newsletter, which hopefully everyone received today.

  Please check it out and share your feedback. Submissions of articles, artwork, etc., welcome for the June issue, which my goal is to get out a week in advance of next month's meeting, so we can announce the upcoming meeting in it.

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  Meanwhile, here is the final result on the presidential voting:

  Jo Jorgensen received a majority (over 50%) of the 4th round ballot votes, and has been recognized as the party's nominee:

4th Round balloting results:
Jo Jorgensen - 254
Jacob Hornberger - 285
Vermin Supreme - 206
NOTA - 4

  Vermin Supreme just gave his concession speech. He encouraged everyone to stay with the LP and support Jo as our nominee, and said the road to Ponytopia will be paved with "the glitter-encrusted skulls of our vanquished opponents". :slight_smile:

  Jacob Hornberger just gave a short concession speech, and Jo Jorgensen is now giving a brief speech, thanking her supporters, etc. She said she will have more to say tomorrow.

  The online portion of the convention reconvenes at 8:00 am tomorrow (Sunday) morning, Pacific Time. After Dr. Jorgensen speaks, we will presumbly go to the vice-presidential nominations, speeches, and voting.

Love & Liberty,

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P.S. – Did anyone go to the LibertyFest anti-lockdown protest in Sacramento today? If so, I'd be interested to hear how it went.