San Francisco Libertarian Party Convention

San Francisco Libertarian Party Convention.

January 19 at 1:00 to 5:00 PM

580 Howard Street

#suite 101

San Francisco, CA 94105

I cannot attend the convention this year because I have a required court
appearance in the Richmond Virginia Federal Court on Friday January 18.

That is provided the federal court is open in spite of the Trump shut-down

I just got back from Pakistan after being investigated by the ISI, the
Pakistan equivalent of the FBI.

At least they did not arrest me this time.

I would like to send to the convention my representative:

Shanti Onofre

1414 29th Avenue

Oakland California 94601


I feel your website does not clearly explain where the convention will be
held so I have put it up on top here.

Sam Sloan

Hi Sam,

  Anyone can attend our local convention, so Shanti is more than welcome to join us. If she's an LPSF member, or signs the pledge and joins the party, she can vote on any party business. I don't believe we have any provision to allow for voting by proxy though, if she is not a member but you are.

  Sorry if the LPSF website notice was unclear on the location – thanks for listing the address prominently in your email. Not sure where "#suite 101" came from however, as there's no suite number as far as I know. It's just 580 Howard Street, between 1st and 2nd Street, with a direct entrance to the space on the street level.

  Regarding your scheduled court appearance, perhaps you can call or check their website and find out whether they will be open on the 18th and you'll be required to attend? It seems like that would be something they should be able to tell people at least a couple days ahead of time!

  I'd be curious to hear more about your adventures in Pakistan sometime! Glad you made it back without being arrested.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))